Monday 25 June 2012

EPD Demo

New track-in-the-works "The Telephone Rings" available below...

The next album is coming along well, i'm deep into polishing the mixes, The Telephone Rings still requires a few alterations but the spine is largely there. Enjoy!

Sunday 24 June 2012

Album offer

As a pre-cursor to my forthcoming album, I have made Imber available for 'pay what you'd like'. Whether this be £0 - £100 all downloads are appreciated and contributions even more so.


The next record is slowly trundling along in the mixing stage, all tracks are complete and nearly ready for your burning ears.....

MicroBeer Festival

Yesterdays Quiet Marauder show...

Wednesday 6 June 2012

Michael Norris


All studio-work has gone well, after a long and tiring (on the ears) session last night, I am currently taking a break from mixing.

Yesterday my friend (and housemate) came down to put guitar and violin on a few tracks, they are sounding positively apocalyptic - with more than a hint of 'New Age'. The record is already sounding more pastoral than the last and has a much greater emphasis on analogue sounds, which is defiantly a good move. I'm excited and looking forward to being able to share some of this with you.

Before I leave, to anyone creating ambient music, or mood music of any sort - I'd like to recommend Michael Norris' spectral plug-ins, I have been using some of these fairly heavily to blur sound-sources and generally make everything sound more 'ghostly',  Norris has a plethora of granulisers, filters, pitch-shifters, gates etc... all of them impressive, if that wasn't recommendation enough - the whole suite is free to download. Follow the link, enjoy.

Studio .1