Thursday 12 September 2013

Live from Cardiff

Here is recording of my set live from Genre X Genre 2, Cardiff.... the whole night is available on the Red Venice Records bandcamp, and all the other artists set's sound incredible. Due to a crash on the M4 I was pretty strapped for time, which was unfortunate, but I had a great night. Thanks to; 'To The Lovers, Farewell', Ascend Silver Poison, A (Is to B) and Mu.

'Matthew was late due to a car crash in Reading, not caused by him I might add, so we were strapped for time when he finally arrived. This was disasterous to the audience because we were robbed of a full set. The ten minutes he played for were amazing, horns were played recorded, looped and then mashed live in a caldron of sound which may have been helped and driven by the use of max/msp. Seemed that way from a distance. Matthew's strobe light added to the effect as he seemed to be lost in the light as he sat on the floor and carried out his performance. I may be stealing that idea in the near future. Epileptics need not apply'. 

Red Venice Records. 

Next up; BIG BEATS FROM BADSVILLE in Cardiff..... information below. 

Saturday 24 August 2013

Sleepwaker; Kostoglotov Remix

This Autumn I'm excited to be playing several shows with the talented Kostoglotov, announcement to follow.

Untill then, enjoy his excellent remix of Sleepwalker from Cutting Room Records compilation 'CRRMXIII'.

Matthew Pastkewicz live; 

31st August - Glasgow - 13th Note - 7:30 - £3

6th September - Cardiff - The Moon Club - 7:30 - £TBC


Monday 3 June 2013

New show announcements & music from the vault

20th June: Ruder Forms Survive: Plough and Harrow: Leytonstone: London. 7PM. £3 

26th August: @ 13th Note: Glasgow. 7PM £TBC 

6th September: Genre X Genre: @ The Full Moon: Cardiff. 7PM. £TBC

30th October: @ Gwdihw: Cardiff. 7PM. £TBC


Searching the vaults for inspiration, I rediscovered a track composed for my degree. A long form composition set to Egar Allan Poe's famous poem, 'The Raven'. I've put it up as a private track for Soundcloud followers, feel free to download. 

Work is underway on a full length: stay tuned.....

Monday 8 April 2013


On friday I was able to witness Deadfader tearing Cafe Oto a new asshole, it was awesome to watch - and felt more like an 'experience'. There I met the creator of Cutting Room Records CRMMXIII, a compilation for which I am massively excited to contribute. I got my hands on the finished article; a beautifully pressed mezzanine of noise, pressed to cassette (Ltd 100) in obnoxious red.
Now you can too.


Sunday 3 March 2013

Rough live recording.

And so it is, taken from a phone - the tail end of my set on Tuesday at Catch... and a great night it was too, a diverse line-up of 'kick-yr-ed-in' sonics. I implore you to listen to them all, buy / download everything these three bands/artists have to offer, and go to all their shows - you really can't miss.




Tuesday 12 February 2013

After the noise has gone.

Soooooooo,  Sunday 25th February - I'll be at the Birds Nest, Deptford for a lead-headed hangover day, with some of the most vicious, visceral, generally badass fuckers this side of Norfolk. 

4 Legs Good presents the third and final instalment to the Brighton Noise Festival, in which- having thoroughly infected the coast- some of the key components will march up north to the dilapidated metropolis known as London and hold a similar night of debauchery there...

UNHUMAN (Berlin/Species Productions)

Having recently played at Lärm Alarm Lärm noise/extreme electronics festival in Berlin he thought it would be fun to bring some of the action over to the UK for a weekend.


Straight outta Stonehaven. Bleak and industrial one-man noise barrage. Power Electronics at its finest.


Mythical Scottish entity. Experimental music output. Take it or leave it. Don't be a stranger. Don't be a sinner.


The UK's cleanest power electronics artist. Very entertaining but also highly informative. Strong lessons about the importance of personal hygiene.


Experimental hate music.


Lo-fidelity ambient drone. Other-wordly calming effects.


Loud. Meaningless. Noise.


War & sex & death noize


This is a FREE show but there is a suggested donation of £4 to feed the starving mouths of artists (or at least compensate their travel expenses)

As the 'Sunday Afternoise' title may suggest, these festivities do not stand alone. Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th, the good people of 4 legs good and Club Zygotic are celebrating all that is loud, tantric and esoteric (see links below) - it will be one HELL of a weekend. 

Sunday 3 February 2013

New Track

While you guys are out partying, fornicating and generally loving life... some of us are more than content, in our rooms, creating mock number stations.

Perhaps the first song to have been recorded into a phone, under a blanket. We'll have Guinness check it in the morning.

Featuring: Smile.


24th February. Dirty South. Lewisham. London. £TBC

27th February. Catch. Shoreditch. London. £TBC

It'll be my privilege to play with these shithot bastards : 

Wars: Link

Kostoglotov: Link

Brutes: Link